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Pausing for a moment, Light blinked as he gazed upon the older male. Seemingly surprised brown hues widened a fraction— before Light then pressed his lips together firmly. “I don’t know, Ryuzaki… I’m not that good. I mean— I may be intelligent but my writing lacks… Well, quite a bit.” Laughing nervously, a small smile graced the male’s features as he eyed his opponent. 

"I highly doubt that, Light." L cocked his head slightly, raising his thumb to his parted lips to unintentionally muffle his speech slightly. "For someone as bright as yourself, I would be surprised to find it isn’t anything worth reading." After all, L knew quite well that literature could reveal a person’s darkest secrets. His onyx orbs fixated on the younger brunette, silently awaiting an answer. Although Light’s modesty didn’t falter L’s expectations in the slightest.

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L is here now.


“Well I’m not exactly a poet, Ryuzaki.” A soft, yet somewhat silent chuckle escapes the younger male’s lips as he shakes his head. “I just tend to write every now and then. I’m sure you understand.”

"Ah, of course I understand, Light." L’s charcoal orbs refracted a subtle beam of light, illuminating the genuine curiousity in the detective’s gaze. "I’d be very interested in seeing what you have to offer. I’m sure you’re quite talented." 

(Source: sugarjunkiedetective)


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“It seems we have a rising poet around here.” 

Senpai, you noticed me! ”What are you talking about, Ryuzaki?”

"I had expected you to be more secretive about such things, Light."